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L-29 Airshow Performance

The L-29 is a great addition to any show. With it's ability to take off and land at smaller airports, it is ideal for adding a jet to a small to mid-sized show at a reasonable cost.

Greg is a commercial pilot and flight instructor who has been flying aerobatics for over 20 years and has flown more than 100 different types of aircraft. He flys a show that displays the capabilities of the airplane by performing a full range of maneuvers and passes that are entertaining and keeps the crowd engaged. There is of course plenty of noise too!

Airshow Sequence

The following airshow sequence is shown using Aresti notation. If you look carefully you will notice that most of the figures appear very similar to what the airplane is actually doing so even if you are not familiar with the notation you will likely be able to get a good idea of the elements in the performance. Note that the red portions indicate that the plane is upside down or "pushing" negative Gs.

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