Aerobatic Instruction

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality aerobatic training while maintaining a safe and courteous learning environment. Your training program will always be tailored to your specific needs. Most students are interested in gaining confidence in their ability to recover from unplanned extreme attitudes and/or spins. Greg also works with students who are interested in learning recreational aerobatics or getting started in IAC competition. We also have an aerobatic box available for pilots who are interested in becoming air show pilots.

Aerobatic instruction is available in the Super Decathlon or in your aircraft if it is suitable for dual aerobatic instruction. It is not necessary to have a dedicated aerobatic airplane with inverted systems for upset recovery training, spin training or basic aerobatics. Above all, Greg will always ensure that you are comfortable with the training and don't forget that the training experience will be FUN!

Super Decathlon

FAA Certified Load Factor
+6/-5 G's
32 Ft.
22.9 Ft.
7.7 Ft.
Wing Area
169.1 Sq. Ft.
Lycoming AEIO-360-H1B

Fuel Capacity
40 Gallons
Usable Fuel
39 Gallons

Empty Weight
1340 Lbs.
1800 Lbs.

Never Exceed (Vne)
200 Kts.
Maneuvering Speed (Va)
132 Kts.
Stall Speed
53 Kts.

T/O Roll (1800 Lbs. @ SL)
495 Ft.
T/O Over 50 Ft. Obstacle
904 Ft.
Rate of Climb (1800 Lbs)
1,280 FPM
Cruise (4000 Ft. @ 75%)
150 MPH

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